Nuestra Asesoría

M&M Tax, Labour, Real Estate and Individual Consultancy

Since the beginning of M&M Asesores S.L. in 1989 the company’s main objective was the effectiveness in the field of Tax, Labour, Economical and Accountancy Consulting in order to provide the highest quality and professionalism with its services.

In M&M Consultants we suceeded an excellent infrastructure so that our service offers the quality result that our clients require by adjusting our services to the necessities, volume and economic possibilities of any kind of business.

In M&M Consultants we do not just limit us to compile the procedures to which the companies are obliged to. Thanks to an effective specialization and by being continously updated, we also realize a correct management of your documents with the objective of reducing the payments as much as possible. We are able to achieve this by continuously studying of all the new tax, labour and accountancy rules and regulations.

In M&M Consultants we use a more agile and more dynamic approach to manage your accountancy, tax and employment-related material, avoiding delays and frustrated situations not attributable nor to the entrepreneur nor to the various administrations.

Tax Consultancy

You can get all the information from home: personnel costs, tax amounts that are required to be paid, debts and loans outstanding, documentation’s formalities obligatory to be completed and all the precise and updated information about your company’s daily operation, to help you to make the best decisions.

In our consultancy you have a professional team that is at your disposal, with services offered by collegiate holders in Tax, Accountancy and Business Organization.