Asesoria fiscal

Our services are divided in three specialized areas:

Coordinating these three areas we offer our customers an integrated service that covers all the needs of external consulting and account’s maintenance which is required by the tax legislation.

Advising on fiscal obligations and tax liquidations. Subir


Calculation and presentation services for:


- Tax Registration and beginning of the company’s activity.

- Preparation of payments into the account and annual corporate tax declaration.

- Liquidations by terms and annual I.V.A. (VAT) summary.

- Studying and handling of the payments into the I.R.P.F. account.

- Declaration of income. Statements of assets.

- Transfer Tax and documental Legal Acts – Tax on inheritance and donations.

Intermediary Actions between Treasury and our client.


- Resources before relevant authorities.

- Request of postponements and payment plan of tax debts.

- Representation of the taxpayer before tax inspections and the Treasury.




Accountancy and mercantile obligations. Subir

We realize everything related to the registered accountancy of the operations carried out by your company and handle the legal requirements that both the Treasury as well as the Trade Register demand:

- Preparation of your official account books: General Journal, General Ledger, Balance, Profit and Loss as well as your   legalization in the Trade Register.

- Updating on the books of the invoices received and invoices paid, or records that the fiscal legislation asks for.

- Compiling of the annual report and other annual accounts for the deposit in the Trade Register.

- Consulting and elaboration on statutes and handling of constitutional deeds for any type of enterprise.

- Procedures for obtaining information about the Trade Register, Property Registry and others.


Economic and financial analysis. Subir


The current requirements demand an expert to analyse the problems and guide the management or businessman on how to achieve the best possible financial management, which is necessary for obtaining loans or an easy and successful handling of the grants files. An appropriate analysis of your economical and financial situation helps you to benefit from all the support, the government and the Board of Andalusia, currently offers, originating from the C.E.E. funds. We are realizing :


- Evaluation of companies – Buying and selling operations.

- Asset situation of the company.

- Expert’s analysis and verification of balances.

- Studies of feasibility, profitability and solvency of companies.

- Liquidations and dissolutions – mergers and takeovers.